Osoyoos – Unique Yet Adventurous Canada’s Spotted Lake

Osoyoos is a very beautiful town located in Canada’s westernmost province called British Columbia. This province is famous because of the natural beauty it has to offer. Osoyoos town is one of the examples we can see that has one of the Canada’s spotted lakes. Okanagan Valley is the place to visit if you want

Norway has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth

The view in this pic is unbelievable Click for enlarge 1280 x 840

Gullfoss, Beautiful Waterfall on Hvita River in Iceland

Iceland is northern country which is best known by large number of geysers but that is not only attraction for tourists to come in this country. Gullfoss waterfall (or Golden Falls) is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. Gullfoss can be found in the canyon of Hvita river. Despite the fact that in there

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