Orient Express – one of the most luxurious train

Orient Express - one of the most luxurious train, which runs between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, the transportation of passengers through the beautiful rainforests, mountains and villages. Ticket price starts from 2300 dollars per person.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – Heart and Soul Of Goa Tour

Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is located on the western side of the Island of Chorao (Goa), and it is a heaven for ornithologists and bird watchers. This sanctuary covers a wide are of 1.8 sq Km. This is the one and only santuary which can be found in whole Goa. The name of this

Burma’s Golden Rock, Perfect Example of Balancing Act in Nature

This rock has not much more usual than every other rock. It is just special by its placement, it seems that it is example of perfect balancing act found in nature. It can be found in Burma at the Moun Kyaiktiyo. Local people are known to give sacral value to anything unusual so it was similar

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