The peculiarity of Stone Forest Huayllay

The Huayllay National Sanctuary is also called as “Huayllay stone forest” or “Rock Forest of Huayllay” is a natural wonder of Peru. It is located in the Bombon Plateau in the Peruvian region of Pasco. This rock sanctuary has many beautiful natural formations of rocks which are peculiar in shapes. The stone forest Huayllay adorns the look of a oasis in the middle of a desolate plateau. It is usually compared to the Shilin Stone Forest in China and Garden of the Gods in USA.


In stone forest Huayllay, one can find many varieties of shapes such as human, animal, vegetal, human faces, elephants, beasts, towers, sphinxes, dinosaurs, warriors and so on. It also has peculiar arches and doorways which dares the law of gravity. Apart from the amazing stone structures, stone forest Huayllay is rich with a wide range of flora and fauna, similar to Andes.

Near the stone forest, there are thermal water fountains such as “La Calera, Gosphi and Yanahuato” measuring to 60 degree Celsius. These thermal waters have high curative properties and have heavy reputation among the locals.

Stone forest Huayllay also has an archaeological zone known as Bombomarca which is the abode for lots of cave paintings. This sanctuary can be visited every day from 8:00 to 17:00. The stone formations originated around 70 million years ago in the Cenozoic age, when it was a part of the seabed. The glaciers, rain and wind have moulded the peculiar stone shapes. Hence stone forest Huayllay is considered as one among the largest geologic museums of the world.

Tourists started to pour in since the sightings of UFO 7 years ago. Every September is celebrated with a tourist festival called “Rural Tour”. Recently shorter routes are discovered by some tourists which requires only 3 to 4 hours of travel. Stone forest Huayllay is declared the National Zone of Tourist Interest in 1997 and Cultural National Patrimony in 2001.

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  1. Wow, a forest of ancient stone with cave paintings sounds amazing. It looks incredible and even a little intimidating, especially since you mention that there have been UFO sightings. Really neat. Thanks for sharing!

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