So much to do in Florida’s Miami

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Miami is a great place to head for if you’re looking for a completely mixed bag of culture, entertainment, shopping and beaches. This sprawling metropolis is packed with so many fun things to do, you’ll be hard pressed to fit it all in during your visit.


Image by BryanSereny used under creative commons licence

Zoo Miami is widely regarded as one of the best zoos in America. Thanks to the incredible climate in the state of Florida, the zoo is able to house a huge variety of animals used to the bristling heats of Africa, Asia and Australia. There’s also a huge selection of plant life from around the world, including the huge Hong Kong orchid, which produces the official flower of Hong Kong.

Miami’s Jungle Island is another fantastic spot for animal lovers. This 18-acre park offers visitors the opportunity to interact up close with the animals that live here, with the chance to hold and feed them if you want to. They also offer the Jungle Slumber package, in which a group of 15 people or more have the opportunity to sleep out in the Jungle for a night, with food, craft projects and animal handling included as standard.

Whether you’re travelling with kids or on a purely adult retreat, the Miami Children’s Museum is a fun port of call for visitors of all ages. From the outside alone you’ll be astounded by the sleek, futuristic design, while the inside will give you an incredible, all-round sensory experience that will blow your mind. This huge, interactive playground will appeal to everyone, with exhibits that include a two-storey sandcastle and a 900-gallon marine tank where you can study the secrets of the deep without getting wet.

If you’re looking for a relaxing, arty day then Lincoln Road is a good place to head for. You can browse for a literary gem in Books & Books, indulge in a sumptuous cake at the Ice Box Café, or check out the quirky mix of highly stylised items in the flagship BASE store.


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