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Philippines is a collection of about 7,100 islands and it is known as one of the most popular archipelagos that exist in this world. Being situated in Southeast Asia, this country is unique and different in its own terms and values and there are a lot of things that are captivated by tourists and people from all around the globe by this place which is why Philippines is the center of attention for thousands of people around the globe throughout the year. People most of the time visit this place over and over again because the places it offers are so amazing and worthwhile spending time at. Here are a few of the must see places in Philippines you should plan out during your vacations.

Intramuros is a city actually that you should visit while you are staying in Philippines because it is walled and signifies great history and architecture. During the Spaniards occupation of the country this city acted as a walled settlement. You would get to see a lot of beautiful churches and museums in this one and there are plenty of historic national ruins you could go observe as well. The city has preserved its national values and notions well and you could get amazed watching them readily without even getting to pay a lot of money.

Rizal Park which is also known as Luneta is a place where you could go for an evening walk if you feel like staying calm and relaxed from the adventurous sports and hiking. This park is built on a dedication to a national hero whose name was Jose Rizal. He was known for his great work in poetry and writing; this park signifies his place of execution and it is denoted for his work of bravery and courage.

Baywalk is just a few miles away off of Rizal Park where there are plenty of bars and restaurants lined up for you to visit and take amusement from. Later towards the evening, you would find many bands lined up on the same street playing some wonderful music; it is a perfect spot for an entertaining and casual night out.

Mount Pinatubo is a volcano site that is known for devastating the Filipinos during the starting 90’s. There are many hiking trails that are designed on its slope you could plan on visiting or if you want, there is a Pinatubo’s Carter Lake you could swim at.

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