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There are some small, but really beautiful towns in the Highland Area of Scotland. One of the said towns is Tain, which is a small but thriving town having a population of under 4,000 people. It is surrounded by a lot of historic buildings, and hence the reason why scores of travelers visit it each year.

Carbisdale Castle

The Castles around this town include the Carbisdale Castle which is now converted into a Youth Hostel, the Skibo Castle which now serves as a hotel, Balnagown Castle, and Ballone Castle. These castles prove to be the great magnets for tourists interested in history, and cause them to visit Tain – Highland each year.

The fun doesn’t stop at the Castles, as Tain also hosts the Highland Fine Cheeses which is a cheese factory, and Tain pottery industries which are one of the largest manufacturers of Ceramics in Scotland. There is also a Medieval Parish Church, known as the Fearn Abbey. Then there are local sites such as restaurants, library, hotels and shops.

Highland Area of Scotland

The railway station in Tain is just another attraction to the region. You would also find the Tain Toll Booth and St. Duthus Collegiate Church to be highly attractive. One of the most popular attractions of the town is the town museum, which features a display named as ‘Train through Time’. This display entitles to the rich historical background of Tain.

As a conclusion, Tain is a Scottish town rich in history and serene views of the nature. In all of the Scotland, Tain is the most visited town. Thousands of people from all around the world visit this town each year to experience the true life and culture of Scotland found in Tain.

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