Château of Chambord, France’s Most Glorious Castle

Chambord Castle or the château of Chambord is one of the most magnificent architectural and historical features in France. It was built on the Cosson River near the Blois and it was the place where a lot of French kings used to spend their time in past. It is especially known to be a favorite place

Burma’s Golden Rock, Perfect Example of Balancing Act in Nature

This rock has not much more usual than every other rock. It is just special by its placement, it seems that it is example of perfect balancing act found in nature. It can be found in Burma at the Moun Kyaiktiyo. Local people are known to give sacral value to anything unusual so it was similar

Miniature Version of Most Significant Buildings From Berlin an Brandenburg

It is always entertaining to see and walk through a miniature version of some big city where you can see all famous buildings recreated in small versions. One of such parks called "park Karlshorst" has been built in Berlin where visitors can find miniature versions of some of the most known buildings from Berlin and Brandenburg. You

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