Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island the whitest beach in the world

Whitehaven Beach is a definite “must-see” in the Whitsundays. The crystal clear aqua waters and pristine silica sand of Whitehaven stretch over seven kilometres along Whitsunday Island , the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. It defines nature at its best and provides the greatest sense of relaxation and escape.

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As soon as you arrive it’s easy to see why it is the most photographed beach in Australia and has been named ” Queensland ’s Most Beautiful Beach” by ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’, a title that has never before been bestowed upon a beach in Queensland , and may never be again.Read more here .


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Whitehaven beach, a beach ill never forget, not only for its beautiful white sand, clear waters and serenity but the fact that that’s the place I was proposed to! What more could i ask for! The beach is so pristine and untouched that the sand just makes you want to lay in it all day. Definitely worth a trip to the whitsundays just to see this beach, dont let life go by without seeing it! Thanks to Kassi.

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  1. Whitehaven beach looks truly amazing!Seems to be perfect for relaxation and communion with nature.I’m in love with it’s beautiful white sand, clear waters and serenity.When I get a chance, I’ll surely visit it!Great post!

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