10 Romantic Getaways To Fall In Love

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………………..where dramatic landscapes, romantic architecture and tender atmosphere create a perfect scenery for passionate affection………….

Meersburg. Germany


Meersburg, Bodensee Lake. By mattwyn


Spring in Meersburg. By juergen.mangelsdorf

Meersburg is located on the Bodensee, or Lake Constance, on the German/Swiss border. It is surrounded by water and vineyards. This would be a great place to spend some time for an anniversary.

Santorini. Greece.



The Heart of Santorini, a hole in the volcanic rocks of the caldera. By Klearchos Kapoutsis

Big Sur. California. The USA


Big Sur. California. By vgm8383


Big Sur. California. By vgm8383

Big Sur, California, is a place defined by its natural features – mountains and water. Here at the edge of the continent, mountains plunge into the sea with little regard for the tiny ribbon of highway that clings tenuously to the slopes or the thousands of tourists clustered at every turn, taking photographs and chattering about the views.

Lisbon. Portugal.


Lisbon by night. Portugal. By Fr Antunes

The Canadian Rockies. Canada



Canadian Rockies. By paulhami

Saint Paul de Vence. Provence. France

St Paul de Vence, Cote d'Azur, France

St Paul de Vence, France. By freefotouk

Saint Paul de Vence is a charming hilltop fortified village in Provence, filled with art galleries, boutiques and sidewalk cafes.  It’s hard to find something ugly about this quaint village. A walk through its winding streets reveals elegant fountains, vine-covered stone walls and statues tucked into nooks in the walls.

There are breathtaking views of mountains and sea. Even the ground below is attractive, as the cobblestones are laid into the shapes of flowers. Read more here .

The Seychelles



Praslin Island in Seychelles. By Y.Ballester

Tokyo Bay. Japan.



Tokyo Bay. By Stefan

San Francisco. The USA


San Francisco by night. By Kevin Labianco

Faroe Islands. Denmark.



Faroe Islands. By the spug

The Faroe Islands offer beautiful Scandinavian nature and rugged scenery, great for hiking and exploring – try the fjord of Skálafjørður and the isle of Borðoy.

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