Ten Most Beautiful Skiing Locations in Europe

Apart from being famous for its breathtakingly picturesque location, Europe has always been associated with Skiing. From France to Greece, you get to choose from some of the most beautiful and less explored skiing destinations in the world. Europe offers far more skiing and snowboarding trails than any other part of the world.

Let’s have a look at ten skiing locations that make Europe one of the most sought after ski destination. These small towns flourish during the ski season, where everything from Mom & Pop bakeries to insurance sales leads keep the pulse of the village lively.

Nestled in Ampezzo Valley, Cortina d’Ampezzo enjoys the title of the most beautiful winter playground in the world. It is not only the most famous ski resorts in Italy but is one of the most important and sought after ski resorts in the world. Apart from offering great skiing experience, the slopes offer picturesque view to the valley. This is only place which provides clear distinction between Dolomites and rest of the Alps.

cortina []

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The picture perfect location combined with exciting slopes makes this resort top destination for the up market crowd from all over the world. The beauty of these slopes has been captured in many James Bond movies as well.

Val D’Isere, France

Skiing in Val-d’Isère dates back to 1930’s after a drag lift was built on the slopes of Solaise. Being named as the most famous resort for experts, Val D’Isere can easily pass as the all round destination in whole of Europe. The resort offers a range of ski schools and has something to offer everyone from beginners to experts. It offers modern chairlift and cable cars with most modern lift system you could think of.

val disere []

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No wonder the resort is one of the busiest in whole of Europe. If the ski is worth the way up, the journey will not disappoint you as well. The view on the way up to the Val D’Isere is spectacular and looks just out of Narnia series.

Igls, Austria

Located in the “Capital of the Alps”, Innsbruck, Igls offers a combination of old world charm and access to some of the world’s finest ski resorts. The charming village is surrounded by some of the best skiing in Austria. Beginners can start with the lower slopes while intermediates can try the pistes in Igls itself. For advanced skiers, there is a possibility of eight ski areas totaling 295 km all accessible by free ski buses.

igls,_alpes,_austria []

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Two time host of Winter Olympic Games, Innsbruck has lot more to offer than skiing. If you’d like an adrenaline pump, a ride down the Olympic bob slight at 100 km per hour is highly recommended. Other adventures offered include ice skating, floodlit skiing, tobogganing. If you’d like to take a break from skiing, there are some rich museums and galleries to draw your attention as well.

Kandersteg, Switzerland

The village of Kandersteg could easily pass for the most picturesque centre for mountaineering. More people land in this destination for the scenic view and tranquility the village offers. Best known among beginners, it is one of the best places to learn skiing. The slopes here are easy and daunting and give learners enough space to test their techniques.

Kandersteg []

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Courchevel, France

Courchevel ski resort is built for nothing but Winter Sports. It is made up of four villages which are named after thir altitudes in meters- Courchevel 1300, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650, Courchevel 1850. It boasts of about 370 miles of pistes and is is a part of the Trois Vallees ski area.

Courchevel []

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Courchevel 1850 – the highest located resort district has been quite popular with the rich from all over the world. Guests arrive on their private jets and if your pockets are deep, it’s worth experiencing the air here in a luxury timeshare resort. There is room for everyone and if you’d like to go for a ski resort just like any other part of the world, you could choose from the villages from 1650 and lower. The mountain has skiing range for both intermediates and experts.

Wengen, Switzerland

With a terrain of 112 km over 53 pistes, Wengen is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Wengen is an ideal location if you are looking for a combination of absolutely beautiful views and classic architecture. Only accessible by road, the village has excellent slopes for intermediates.

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It also has ranges for experts but is best known among intermediates and snowboarders. More than skiing, the village rates high for the charm and tranquil alpine beauty.

Chamonix, France

Charmonix offers some of the best mountain skiing in whole of Europe. With 12 ski areas, the valley is apt for skiers at all levels. The valley offers beautiful views and draws crowd from all over the world for its excellent skiing conditions and picturesque scenery.  It is located right next to the peak of Mont Blanc and offer range of recreational activities. It is the oldest ski resort in France and has great ski slopes for children and ski area for intermediates and experts as well.

Chamonix []

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Pas De la Casa, Andorra

The highest resort in Andorra, Pas de la Casa has an excellent snow record. It is placed on the border between France and Andorra. Before it got combined with Soldeu, the resort had the biggest ski area with highest lift served terrain in Andorra. Now it gas 186 km of pistes and is favored for its southern latitude.

Pas De la Casa []

The slopes are more suitable for intermediates than beginners and experts. Image source

Pelion Mountain, Greece

While talking about beautiful locations for skiing, Pelion Mountain is easily one of the noteworthy locations. The best part about the ski resorts here is that not many people know about it and skiing here is still not explored completely. Greece has been gaining popularity for skiing among other winter sports. Pelion Mountains offer majestic scenes and is one of the most preferred destinations for those who have discovered the ski terrains here.

Pelion Mountain []

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Newstift, Austria

Newstift is a favorite with family and friends looking for skiing all year round. With 28 lifts, the resort offers skiers 7382 feet of vertical descent. Best suited for beginners and snowboarders, it has some regions for experts and intermediates as well. With finest skiing conditions and largest glacial ski resort, a small portion of the resort is covered by snowmaking. Neustift

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26 Responses to “Ten Most Beautiful Skiing Locations in Europe”

  1. sean808080 says:

    Wow…sure beats the places I’ve been going. I am going to have to add skiing these places to my bucket list!

  2. Johnny Sacks says:

    Wow, that is truly incredible. WOw.


  3. dp says:

    none of these places are as good as summit west, im sorry.

  4. simon says:

    i think Livigno, Italy should be on the list also. My personal favorite spot.

  5. kw says:

    Seriously dp? Seattle? I was hoping someone said the resorts in Colorado…But Seattle, what do they have there besides a horrible football team?

  6. HalfCab says:

    @DP: West is sickgnar.

    kw: You’re right you know. I’d suggest you stick to Colorado, ’cause there’s nothing here in the PNW for you. It ain’t nothing but molehills around Seattle anyway: http://bit.ly/7YJPHG

  7. halfcab says:

    @DP: West is sick!

    @kw: I suggest you stick to Colorado, ’cause there’s nothing for you here in the PNW. It ain’t nothing but molehills around Seattle anyhow: http://bit.ly/7YJPHG

  8. I love how there is snow in every picture.. this post has been added to my bucket list 🙂

  9. DonP says:

    I have been to Wengen Switzerland and it is incredible. However the comment that Wengen is only accessible by road is completely incorrect. In fact it is NOT accessible by road. You can only get there by narrow-gage railway or by foot (in summer).

  10. CF says:

    Sorry I live in Switzerland and been to Kandersteg regularily for the last 5 years, but it’s not the most beautiful skiing location in Europe. The skiing is very limited. On that logic you could quote Rochers de Naye above Montreux, Switzerland, small ski area, but you can dine in a restaurant drilled out of the mountain looking over the entire length of the Lac Leman with views of the Alps, Dents du midi, Mont Blanc and others. You can sleep in Mongolian Yurts on the edge of a cliff with the same view and then skiing from your door first thing in the morning. BY the same rules you could say Glencoe in Scotland was one of the most beautiful, the area is stunning the views are amazing but the skings not going to thrill you.

  11. MB says:

    @ the colorado / Seattle crew

    Was I the only person who correctly read “The ten most beutiful ski locations IN EUROPE”

    By my estimate that means Colorado et al dont qualify

    Have been to most of these but Chamonix is my personal fave – If you cant find something good there you simply arent trying (Or you drank too much the night before)

    Greece has just hit the top of my list – Didnt even know you could ski there !!!

  12. Xav says:

    Avoid france, service s****, overpriced and the french are rude. All the contrary in Switzerland or Austria…

  13. Fred says:

    @Xav totally not agree !!

    france is cheapest area in europe, switzerland and austria are much more expensive. france alpes is the best area for ski and snowboard i ve been to!!!

  14. Andrej says:

    You forgot Avoriaz in France, the resort without roads and cars! The list cannot be complete without it!

  15. inga says:

    nice!!!!but why not Norway????

  16. Nick says:

    to Fred, are u crazy? France the cheapest area in Europe? Man u don’t live in Europe to know the truth, that is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. And remember Europe has more than 30 countries, so think before u post a think like that…..

  17. Mr Frames says:

    Totally agree with Pelion Mountain, Greece, but no mention of Bansko, Bulgaria? Strange…

  18. Jane says:

    Wow, love the Mont-Blanc photo! Where was it taken Vallee Blanche?

  19. Jim says:

    Did you forget all about East Europe???? Great and (cheap) skiing in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

  20. Maurice Lara says:

    1st things 1st, the photos are awesome!

    ZERMATT, Switzerland is not on the list? Hello! Certainly on any Top 10 list in Europe. The best place I have ever had the privilege of skiing, and that includes Chile, Cali, Colorado, New Mexico, and the Northeast U.S. A friend skied Chamonix and I heard some pretty harrowing stories of imense stupidity, but, radical nonetheless…he assures me it is world class in any event.

    Zermatt village has been there forever nestled at the very top end of a long deep valley accessible by heli, train, or car, however, there are no cars allowed in the village and parking is limited in any case. There are supermini-van taxi’s and horse drawn sleighs in the streets when snow covered and funiculars as well. The Italian border is right there, so you actually can ski both countries on the same day if you present your passport when buying your lift ticket. Oh yeah, you can ski the glacier at 12,500 all year round and the length of the runs is insane. OH, and the best part is that you stare at the freaking majestic MATTERHORN peak the whole time. :-))))))))))))))

    It is a fairly pricey place to hang out, but, a must visit if even only for a weekend if your in that neck of the world.

  21. Great skiing locations.Europe is always my favorite destination.These pictures are awesome.Thanks for the good list.

  22. Thanks for your article. I would like to suggest few skiing locations in Europe – Courmayeur, Italy Skiing; Stylish St Mortitz, Switzerland; Discover Bansko, Bulgaria; Lovely Andorra Ski Vacation; Interlaken, Switzerland; Skiing the Three Valleys, France.

  23. gazo says:

    wrong…. the second picture is not Val d Isere, this is “l Aiguille percée and is located in Tignes

  24. Constrictor says:

    First country visited in the world:
    ->France with 75 millions of tourists!
    So please, as french, I’m tired of your stupid commentaries on my country.
    I’ll be glad if less people come here (and especially morons like some of you).
    Go to China,USA,Australia or to hell…

  25. Mediator says:

    @Constrictor With your comment you just proved that Xav’s statement about french is 100% correct!
    What will you and the rest of your countrymen do if “75 million of tourists” didn’t show up next year? Think about it when your anger wears off…

  26. Truth says:

    The photo of Pelion mountain in Greece is incorrect. That photo is actually of Mt. Pelion in Tasmania, Australia taken from Mt. Ossa (Mt. Pelion being the one in the background and Mt. Ossa being the one with the skiier).

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