Algarve Where History and Modern Era Meets

Have you ever been to Algarve, the beautiful part of Portugal? Well if you haven’t, you must view the natural beauty, history, and elegance fused together in one holiday location which would be your best visit ever, I can assure you of that.

The Cliff And The Town by acampm1.

Algarve is situated at the extreme south of mainland Portugal, and has a contrasting combination of attractive beaches and beautiful valleys. Its climate is mostly mild, and sun smiles upon it all year long. Many have declared it the favorite holiday destination, and its tourism rate has been growing over the years.

THE ARCH by peke_cheeks.

A total of 16 municipalities jointly form Algarve, and each of them are distinct in their own ways. There are some pretty good tourist destinations, from which I would like to describe the famous five.

Albufeira – This is considered as capital of tourists. A complete mixture of modern attractions and history are found in this place, and tourists can explore a rich culture of bygone eras.

Water lovers would be delighted here too, as 23 wonderful beaches are found here in albuferia, with each being distinct from the other. The capital also has marina, countless restaurants, bars, and of course a vibrant night life. There is much in store for every kind of person.

Mainland Portugal

Vilamoura – Vilamoura is the centre of Golf. You can sight a big marina as well as some golf courses in vilamoura. There are also a lot of water sport opportunities to choose from, and there is just much you can do. Resorts ranging from 3 to 5 stars are abundantly found in each of the tourism spots. There are places to enjoy night activities such as discos, pubs and etc which make night dwellers excited.


Faro – It is the governmental capital. Transport facilities are very good in this part plus it also have a public university and of course a marina too. There is also 170 kilometers long Ria Formosa Lagoon which is a great viewing place for bird watchers as it is a heaven of different birds associated with different parts of the world.

Then of course, if you love history then you would find much for yourself in these lands as they are rich in historical and cultural heritage. There is a part of this area surrounded by Roman walls, signifying the 9th Century AD. You can also find a convent in the city museum. The convent belongs from the 16th Century. There is this attractive church of Nossa, known as Senhora do Carmois which has a chapel doubted to be made from the bones of 1200 monks!

Faro algarve

Lagos – Then of course is the Lagos, which is a modern site of well known past and a highly attractive place for traders. Lagos was once a maritime port now listed among the major seaports found in Portugal.


Cape St. Vincent –This site is present in the southwestern part of Portugal, and in fact all of the Europe. It is the richest place as far as folklore and history is concerned. Second most powerful lighthouse of the Europe is found here.

Cape St. Vincent

The Algarve is truly a heaven to visit. Next time you are planning your vacation; do think about all the things this place has to offer you, especially if you are interested in history.

Seagulls by acampm1.

Praia Da Rocha, yesterday. Algarve, Portugal.

Dusk At Marinha by acampm1.

This is the main stack on Marinha Beach, between Benagil and Porches in the Algarve, South Portugal, caught at dusk.

DODO`S BEACH by *mary gold*.
Vanishing Point by acampm1.

Cardoama beach in the Western Algarve

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  1. It’s like heaven.Your pictures are simply stunning.They definitely make me want to take a vacation to each of these places.Thanks for posting….

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