Clingstone Mansion in Rhode Island

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This 103-years-old mansion in Rhode Island is built on a small, rocky island far away from any nosy neighbors. Just like this house, built close to Oslofjord Island, Norway, it offers total privacy.

Clingstone mansion was built in 1905, for a cost of roughly $36,000, by J.S. Lovering Wharton, a distant cousin of 79-year-old Henry Wood, the present owner of the house. He and his ex-wife bought it in 1961, for $3,600 and managed to bring it back to life after it had been abandoned for two decades.


Mr. Wood and his family found an ingenious way of preserving this 23-room architectural wonder: the Clingstone work weekend. Every year, around Memorial Day, the Wood family and up to 70 friends gather at Clingstone to clean the mansion and fix any of its problems. Practically, any volunteer workers are welcome.


In winter time the boats and floating dock are stored at the nearby Jamestown Boatyard, in exchange for a week’s stay at Clingstone, during the summer.

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  1. subcorpus says:

    nice story .. great picture … awesome house … !!!

  2. Meade says:

    Very cool.I enjoy my seclusion too.very private I like that

  3. Carmen says:

    What a neat place. Enjoyed looking at pictures. Thanks

  4. Mary McKnight says:

    How does the house get water?

  5. JY says:

    Lol, is that an anti-Bush sign?

  6. SNARF SNARF says:

    I used to live in Newport and would see this mansion all the time. Real sick place.

  7. StormyMonday says:

    WOW! Amazing house, very interesting location.

  8. Bern says:

    How do I sign up? I will have time off in the summer and am willing to help do… whatever is needed.


  9. Doug says:

    The only problem here is that if you need an ambulance to get you to a hospital quickly, you are screwed.

  10. James says:

    @Doug. They are as***** liberals. They have no problem using public funds calling in air ambulance.

  11. Whoopster says:

    It would be really interesting how the get fresh water – and what they do with the used and toilet water…

    But the idea to live in a house without any neighbours sounds excellent 🙂

  12. required name says:

    only one island available? have you ever seen rocky islands in Norway? 🙂

  13. Ed says:

    Hey this was very cool, I happened on this by chance while checking out elaborate homes and tree house homes. I really enjoyed this and I showed my mother also. Grew up in Connecticut my first 30 yrs of life, and surprised I’ve I cannot recall hearing of Clingstone.

    Great site post. thanks for sharing and the effort.

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