Ice Bars A Beautiful Sight All Across the World

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Sweden, Stockholm

Made of ice, an ice bar is sometimes linked with an ice hotel and people are familiar with them as a place of drinking made up with ice. Ice bars are kept at low temperatures, the main reason behind this is that they are made up with ice and at high temperature there is a possibility that ice will melt sooner or later. Most of the people consider an ice bar when they plan for a vacation. You will find ice bars mainly in the areas of the world where climate remains cold throughout the year.

You can also find some ice bars in rich countries like Dubai, London and Paris. Although they are not the countries where climate remains cold through out they year but their patrons can easily look after the keep up cost of the ice bars. The largest and the permanent ice bar in American can be found in Orlando. It is also the first ice bar of America.


First Ice Bar at Sea on the Third Generation of NCL Cruise Ships


China, Harbin


South Africa



Russia, St.Petersburg

Australia, Sydney

USA, Orlando

Italy, Milan

England, London

Denmark , Copenhagen

Canada, Quebec

France, Paris

Japan, Tokyo

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  2. Israel says:

    Outstanding pictures! I would never imagine something like this before. The people who came up with those wonderful ideas and actually created those amazing pieces of art are artists. Thank you so much for collecting and sharing these photos.

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