Ice Bars A Beautiful Sight All Across the World

Sweden, Stockholm Made of ice, an ice bar is sometimes linked with an ice hotel and people are familiar with them as a place of drinking made up with ice. Ice bars are kept at low temperatures, the main reason behind this is that they are made up with ice and at high temperature there

Tsaparang Site of the Lost Kingdom of Tibet

Tsaparang was said to be found in Guge kingdom and it was also its ancient capital. This place is very much appealing and attractive to the people who are attracted towards history or historical places. A place called Garuda valley lies in the Western Tibet’s Ngari province used to have this remarkable lost kingdom

One pair bought and converted Church into Home in Kyloe Northumberland

One couple bought a historical church in Kyloe, Northumberland. They invested a lot of money to maintain its exterior and interior. The exterior remains almost intact. They made a restoration, instead of a renovation (which would be 3 times cheaper). If it were not for them, who knows what would have happened to this

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