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Presenting to you is an array of cruise which offer a lifetime fun-filled and adventurous experience. With 7 Nights Mediterranean Cruise begins the unique journey in beautiful Venice. One can catch the sight of the St Mark's square and meander along the Giudecca canal before Costa Fortuna appears. The beauty of Bari, of the feast

The Largest Ancient Temple in the World The Karnak Temple

Sphinx at the Luxor Temple The Luxor temple is one of the two grandiose temples of ancient Thebes. It’s complex architecture and colossal statues seem to make anyone feel puny at the sight of it (especially at night - when the beautifully illuminated walls seem to rise even higher). One of the inscriptions on the walls of

Travelling To Ayres Rock Some Important Tips

The World Heritage site of Uluru, which is also known as the Ayer's Rock, has been an inspiration and fascination for people around the world. The sunrise glorifies its appearance at dawn and the sunset just sets it in a red fiery glow that fantasize a lot of people. You would see remnants of

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