Tips when Dining in the Best Restaurants in Venice

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Venice is known for the Veneto cuisine in many of its wonderful restaurants. The best restaurants in Venice serve really delicious food but the serving size is a bit smaller that other cities in Italy. Since Venice is one popular destination for tourists there are restaurants and trattoria that are worth the money you’ll spend there but there are many rip-offs as well as tourist traps too.

Venice is a city you can explore walking or riding a boat. There are special treats in the commercial district but there too, are a lot of hidden restaurants on side streets and areas that are off the beaten track. To help you become more in the know about dining in Venice, here are some tips:

  • Some of the best restaurants in Venice indicate footnotes on their menus saying that a certain dish is only to be ordered for two. So if you’re eating solo, you’d end up ordering for your next meal too or you just end up wasting the excess food.
  • Most of the restaurants add a service charge to your bill, which counts about 10 to 15 percent of your total charge. Unless you really found the service exceptional, you need not give extra tip.
  • Many of the best restaurants in Venice have a plate of pretzels on the tables. The tourists who cannot help but take some would naturally eat one or two, thinking they are complements for guests. Soon enough, when the bill comes, they are charged with something for each pretzel eaten.
  • In many restaurants or Italian snack bars, there are places to sit and there are counters where you can just stand as you eat your meal. The two areas have different costs waiting for you and the difference is substantial. A lot of locals simply order their food and walk out but if you choose to sit down and enjoy the view of the Grand Canal, expect to pay about twice because of the service charges. That usually is true for most of the best restaurants in Venice.
  • If looking for places to drink, there are a lot of really good watering holes in Campo di Santa Margarita. This is a popular place among students during the weekends.
  • The specialties in most of the best restaurants in Venice include polenta (corn meal) and risotto (rice) in cuttlefish ink sauce.
  • There is a quick way to filter out the eateries with low quality food at inflated prices from the best restaurants in Venice. You can be forewarned by looking for waiters outside that are bugging passersby to try their place – these are mostly to be avoided.
  • There are restaurants near the Rialto Bridge that have eating areas overlooking the canal. Tourists can enjoy this experience as they dine by the canal lights. There are waiters that are bugging for guests but a lot of them have good quality for the high price.
  • Check how the restaurant is charging your food. Be careful with those in the menu that charge by weight basis, mostly by 100 grams. One dish can actually have a fish ingredient weighing 400 grams so you are going to pay four times the regular price.

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