Crab Island

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Crab Island is so named due to the presence of numerous crabs there, and is approximately one mile in circumference

16 Responses to “Crab Island”

  1. glasgowjohn says:

    for some reason im reminded of a few ex girlfriends???

  2. sydney carten says:

    Crab Island looks an awful lot like Christmas Island.

  3. DFHU says:

    I know what i would be having for dinner 😀

  4. eric says:

    John, I wonder who gave all your old gf’s crabs… You should call your doctor.

  5. billy joe mcalister says:

    I wonder if this was the inspiration for Crab Key in Dr. No (the book, I haven’t seen the movie).

  6. me says:

    1.) Pot of boiling water
    2.) Butter

  7. Stace says:

    I second that….Yum !

    I wonder how the crabs there got so prolific ?
    Their natural enemies must be in short supply around there…

  8. Tanya says:

    Is it weird to find crabs adorable?

  9. ayjun says:

    actually, those crabs aren’t edible…

  10. Solid Snake says:

    Crab Battle!

  11. KingKoopa says:

    haha, well they are an arachnid, so basicly your finding spiders cute, adorable, and tasty!! mmmm water spiders, cant say id boil any of the spider legs up that i find in my back yard though..

  12. Crabs are Crustacean.. says:

    crabs are not arachnids.. except the horseshoe crabs.. and if your logic holds true, you making love to another human being would mean you would do it with a monkey or an orangutan?

  13. Googleitdudes says:

    Delete any dissenting comments? delete any comments that point out this not crab island but christmas island…. and that point out that this is shocking coming from a from a travel blog?

  14. riggles says:

    that island must have been a slut

  15. VERTiGO says:


    You’re forgetting the Beer and Old Bay seasonings :3

  16. LESLEY says:

    Where is this place it looks absolutely amazing.

    From Canada

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