A House On An Island Place to Live

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You Love to Live on such Island

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  1. MASUD says:


  2. Zechron says:

    This island is in Iceland. Its called Bear Island. Its near group of islands called Vestmannaeyjar, or Westman Islands.

  3. Ruben says:

    How do you get of the damn thing?

  4. Chook says:

    I think it might be photoshopped, I mean if it is real that is awesome. but what about power? and water? there doesnt appear to be any signs of them. i suppose the cables could be underground, but then again that would be extremely expensive to get the cables from the mainland to the island.

  5. Kidd says:

    Whoever lives on that beautiful island could probably care less about electricity :/ Dunno about food though, maybe they have a boat to go into town or go fishing.

  6. Elliði says:

    This island is called Elliðaey and I’ts in a group of islands called Vestmmannaeyjar or Westmanislands. I have gone out ther often and it’s awesome. I’ts a hut for hunters we hunt puffins in the island
    here’s a link to a photo of a puffin. I’s no problem at all to get up there just a little walk. There’s no electricity but there is a sauna. The water there is just rain water that we collect in a big tank. Here are some links to other pictures some of them are taken by my dad

  7. Lisa says:

    Hey..I can see that island from my house..

  8. God says:

    Nobody lives there. Its just a hunting cabin,

  9. Kip says:

    You can actually see the house on Google Earth!

    It’s at 63°26’55.65″N 20°11’36.09″W

    Or you can search for Vestmannaeyjar Iceland on GEarth, zoom in on the main Island (the biggest one), then to the top right you’ll see two medium-sized islands. The southern one of these is the one in the picture, and when you zoom in you’ll see the house!

    Damn, I’d love to live there 😀

  10. ar says:

    Checked Vestmannaeyjar Iceland on GEarth. the position of the house is different from that in the photo and also topography of the Island is totally different from the photo. Can you say Photoshop?

  11. jamieson says:

    Getting home would be like finding Knights of the Round in final fantasy 7. Sorry, you need a gold chocobo.

  12. mike bird says:

    it is not that island but the one partly covered by cloud, and no photoshop.

  13. Þórir says:

    hehe this is exactly where the cabin is places i have been there like 13 times hunting puffins go there every summer and there is no photoshop in this picture my best from iceland

  14. awesome… unbelievable it is… and quite safe
    one can live a silent n peaceful life here

  15. Elain says:

    Hunting puffins? Really….. those sweet, cute, adorable little birds? Must be like shooting fish in a barrel. Do you hunt for the fun of watching them die or do you like the taste?

  16. Don says:

    Hunting Puffins is the Icelandic equivalent to us Canadians clubbing baby seals..We peoples of the Northern countries are truly disgusting how we treat animals.

  17. Grayson says:


  18. icelander says:

    HELLO people, i am from iceland my parents are from canada, i born there. we moved here.

    that island is called Bjarnarey, on google earth you can see it. i live in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

  19. JohnL says:

    i would not want to mow that lawn.

  20. OrbitalMind says:

    I would live there on several conditions, a yacht at the dock, a helicopter on the heli pad, a warehouse full of food, a walk in refrigerator/freezer, Satellite tv/radio, cell phone, firearms, a bar full of drinks and other necessities, a giant telescope, a nurse practicioner, and a harem, then I’d be all set.

  21. David says:

    No one has to mow the lawn. They could grow and preserve their own food, as many people throughout the world do. It can’t be a hunting cabin, because there are no game animals, as you can clearly see the entire island. The house may have been built with geothermal energy capacity, like most in Iceland. Also, it is butted up against a hill, which helps insulate the home.

  22. khaked says:

    wow ,
    who lives ther is so luck , but not for long time .
    in arabic we say pardiec without peopel will be hall .
    all regards for all

  23. may says:

    I bet tesco’s wouldn’t deliver.

  24. Malvern says:

    I came across this picture by accident and I could not stop looking at it for a good 15 minutes. I’ve made it my computer background image and I daydream about living there when I have a rough day at work. I could be so happy there with my books and my darling woman to keep me company.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures!

  25. Napster says:

    I would live there with an small yacht which I would use for fishing and going to nearest city to buy food, drinks etc…
    I would not need any TV, Mobile, Car, Job or whatever except basic food and drinks and an nice girl which I can tell stories to her over the night..


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