Necker Island: An Extreme Luxury Getaway

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Can you imagine a private island where you can do anything that you want? Enjoy a private beach, private party, private view of a magnificent sunset— all these is possible at Necker Island.

No, you can not buy this island northeast of the Virgin Gordan in the British Island anymore. The daring billionaire Sir Richard Branson had purchased it more than 25 years ago. He built the lone magnificent Balinese Villa in the island and developed it to be a luxurious private getaway.

Necker Island aside from the great villa with 9 rooms now hosts five more Balinese villas, spa, and a beach pavilion. The facilities can be rented out during certain weeks of the year by the most discerning people who want to enjoy the untouched beauty of the island’s tropical flora and fauna.

All of the rooms of the Bali houses have terraces that provide the most stunning view of the horizon. They also have easy access to all amenities fit for royalties.

While at the Necker Island, visitors can do the simplest things like a barbecue, a game of tennis, and wander on barefoot along the 3 private beaches. A private pool is also perfectly set amid rocks and lounge recliners teasing everyone to doze off.

Those who are up for some adventure may use any of the 3 private yachts to explore the waters. Fishing, sailboats and snorkeling tours are also available.

Necker Island assures pampering to the extreme. Guests can choose unwind in the spa, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs.

No one will really care whatever you do in Necker Island. It is a private island welcoming guests to create their own experience. You can ask for your favorite food and drinks, choose your adventure and relaxation, do as much, or do nothing at all under a private Caribbean sun.

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