National Plitvice Lakes Most Elegant Form Of Nature

Plitvice Lakes National Park, the place bestowed upon by as many as sixteen lakes and rich wild life, has always enchanted the interest of tourists from different corners of the world. This wonderful National Park of Plitvice is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. If you are planning your trip to this place during vacations, here is the most informative guide to help you.

History of Plitvice

Inhabited in past by a number of communities like Romans, Japods, Turks, Slavs and Thracians, the place attained the status of tourist destination in later years of 19th century. It was in fifth decade of twentieth century that it was endowed with the status of a national park. In the glorious year of 1979, it was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. After passing through a tough phase of Croatian War of Independence, the national park has reemerged as a powerful tourist destination.

Location of Plitvice

Plitvice is located in dense forests of Croatia, midway between Zagreb and Zadar and could be found close to the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. River Korana is another mark, which specifies the location of this national park.

Best Time To Visit

You may visit Plitvice Lakes National Park round the year. In fact, there are different views of this place during different seasons. For instance, one may experience snowfall in winters and green natural beauty in summers.

How to Reach Plitvice

You may reach Plitvice Lakes National Park from any of the two cities of Zagreb or Zadar by bus or by car. This awe-inspiring tourist destination is connected well by roads to both these cities and thus, it is a safe journey to be followed from any of these two locations. You may even reach here from Karlovac or Split, riding on a bicycle, which is definitely a fun activity.

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    Remarkable beauty

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    The falls are amazing! I would want to go there and see it myself

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    I’m planning a trip to the USA next year. I’m going to rent a car and tour national parks of America during one month or so. Travelet is definitely a helpful source to plan this kind of vacation. Thank you for sharing interesting info and great photos!

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