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Holden Beach, North Carolina

Located in southern North Carolina, Holden Beach is a wonderful vacation destination for families and also for couples. Despite Holden Beach’s charm and beauty, most people don’t know about it or haven’t even heard of it. However, once discovered, you will want to come back each and every year to experience its mild weather and scenic views. Holden Beach is located about 35 minutes south of Wilmington, NC. It is part of the North Carolina Brunswick Islands. You have a special opportunity to view the sunrise and the sunset while visiting

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Double rainbow during a thunderstorm 8000m above sea level in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

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Kazan Riviera

Looking at these photos, anyone would think that they are made somewhere in Spain, Israel, or the Cote d'Azur. But no ... This is Russia, Tatarstan. Or rather - Kazan.  

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Karakoram Range, Pakistan

Karakoram means black stone, it is believed to be the north western extension of greater Himalayan mountain system, covering the borders between Pakistan, India and China .

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The peculiarity of Stone Forest Huayllay

The Huayllay National Sanctuary is also called as “Huayllay stone forest” or “Rock Forest of Huayllay” is a natural wonder of Peru. It is located in the Bombon Plateau in the Peruvian region of Pasco. This rock sanctuary has many beautiful natural formations of rocks which are peculiar in shapes. The stone forest Huayllay adorns the look of a oasis in the middle of a desolate plateau. It is usually compared to the Shilin Stone Forest in China and Garden of the Gods in USA. In stone forest Huayllay, one can

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